Here’s a look at Apple’s new MacBook Air M2.

Apple today unveiled the MacBook Air, its most popular laptop. This is the first major redesign in many years. We can confirm that the MacBook Air is much more comfortable to hold than its predecessor after a few minutes.

The new laptop replaces the previous model’s tapered design with a flat, rectangular design reminiscent of the iPad Pro and last year’s 24-inch Mac redesign. It includes the MagSafe back, which was seen in the 15- and 16-inch MacBook Pros. In addition, it comes with an unusual charger that has a different shape and two USB C ports.

Apple’s Cupertino headquarters gave us the opportunity to test the device and it proved to be significantly lighter than Apple’s other laptops. It borrows elements from the iPad, iMac and MacBook Pro, giving it a familiar look and feel. These include the screen notch, the slightly larger screen, and the slightly larger screen of the MacBook Pro.

There are a few metallic options, but we chose the one from Apple called “Starlight”.